Plan a Visit

Thinking of visiting Heise Hill for the first time?

What will happen when you come through the front door?  You will be greeted at the door by somebody who will be friendly but not overbearing.  They will take care of you if you have any questions.  

Where will you go?  From the front lobby, you can turn left to grab a free coffee in the Cafe or you can go straight into the main auditorium.  Find a seat and wait for the gathering to begin.

What will the gathering be like?  Our Sunday gatherings last about an hour.  The band starts with a few songs.  Then the kids go to their children’s program and there is a short talk from the Bible.

What about your kids?  During the 30 minute Bible talk, the children will enjoy their program with crafts, Bible stories and songs.  We have trained volunteers who follow guidelines to provide a safe and fun environment.

Sunday Gathering time is at 10:30 AM

Located on Woodbine Road just south of Stouffville Road

11760 Woodbine Ave, Gormley ON  L0H 1G0